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The Summary Email

Once you have realised the visual of your event, you can tap the arrow on the left hand side of the screen. This will bring up the option to send the summary email.

Click here to load an example of the summary email.

You can print this email out to use as a refence on an Event site inspection to guarantee you have enough area to house your guests. You can also take to your outdoor event space to measure the grounds and ensure the marquee will fit on the level ground area provided.

Email to your local hire company for a quote on the goods you require, send a copy to family and friend to see what stock items they have in their garage to save on costs.

Send a copy to your caterer and wedding planner so they check to you which items they don’t have in stock; so you can organise.

*please note that a limit of one summary email per 24 hours only applies to EasyEvent – Lite but not to EasyEvent - Pro.

Additional Space

EasyEvent has the option (one of the slide s) for additional space being added to your event area.

This option is for those who wish to customise their event with other activities or idea for decorating/styling.

These may include: photographer walls, photo booths, dessert buffets, main meal buffets tables, supplier staff tables, candy bars, ice cream stations, ice carving displays, fairy floss stall, beverage dispenser displays or any matter of cultural displays.

Other ways this extra space could be utelised is for: corporate lecture areas or staging for fashion catwalks. You could even house entertainment such as inflatables or hire a mechanical bull ride.

The additional space added is to your event area is 30 meters square.

Edit Features

Each time you finish inputing your choices into the EasyEvent app, you will come to the Edit Answer screen. At this stage you can change any or all details .

Where ever you edit, the process of choices will start over from that point. I.e. - if you change your choice of tables from round to rectangle, then that’s where you will need to continue to make choices from again.

There is no cost or limitations on editing.

As a supplier using EasyEvent – Pro you can utelise this function repeatedly to gain the price point your customer is after is the intial quote is beyond their means (reduce space or choice of furniture).

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