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Wedding Planning App

Wedding Planning

Easy Event will help you to realise what the requirements are in space and infrastructure when planning your dream wedding.

The location is your choice. It could be a marquee wedding, a surf club, an events centre or even the family garage. Easy event provides you definitative guide as to how much space is required to correctly house the guests and to make sure all the equipment you need to create your dream event is at hand on the day.

The best feature of planning a wedding with Easy Event app is the 3d visual computer animated layout. You can actually see what your wedding room will look like.

Rest assured if you wish to customise your layout to something other than what the app provides, you will have enough space and equipment to do so.

A wedding planned with EasyEvent and great local suppliers...... will be effortless

Corporate Events Planning App

Corporate Events

EasyEvent is a perfect tool for those in the corporate sector who have been tasked with the company event.

The over 15 years experience of industry professionals who created EasyEvent is now yours. Have the summary email printed and sent to your local hire companies to quote on a farm bonding retreat.

Send the information to the local surf club to ensure the room (square metres) is large enough to hold your companies delegates. Take the 3d image to the CEO and give them a visual of what you are creating.

EasyEvent ensures you are covering the infrastructure requirements for your corporate launch, Christmas party or team bonding session.

The corporate sector is high paced and needs labour saving devices like Easy Event. Remove the possibility of human error through inexperience in the events industry.
Party and Event Planning App

Party and Event Planning

As you can see EasyEvent is the perfect planning tool when it comes to all types of parties.

In this category, the EasyEvent staffers have envisaged the use of the app when planning Birthdays, religious celebrations, commerative days, age related rituals and the list goes on.

Take the guess work out of planning what you may need, Know exactly what is required and how it will look.

EasyEvent will make sure the required hire equipment or marquee requirements are all sorted. If using an events centre, EasyEvent will make sure the required infrastructure is at hand when needed.

Dont miss anything because you have never planned a larger party before.

A birthday or Family Event planned using EasyEvent and great local suppliers......will be effortless

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